Debunking Myths about Air Conditioning Repair and Installation Services

When it comes to AC services, several myths may be misleading homeowners. One such company, High Performance Heating and Air Conditioning, aims to debunk those myths related to air conditioning repair, AC service, and heating installation in Henrietta, Rochester & Scottsville for the benefit of its clients.

Myth 1: You can Fix and Install HVAC units by Yourself

Contrary to popular belief, repairing or installing heating, ventilation or air conditioning units isn’t a ‘Do it Yourself’ project. Specific technical knowledge and skills are required to handle such intricate tasks. A small error can lead to considerable system damage, and can even void your warranty. Rely on professionals at High Performance Heating and Air Conditioning for a properly conducted AC service.

Myth 2: Bigger AC Units are Always Better

It is a widely-held misconception that larger AC units always provide better service. However, not all homes require the same type of unit. The size of your AC should be proportional to the size of your home. If it’s too large, the unit may not regulate humidity effectively; if it’s too small, it may not bring down temperatures efficiently. An appropriately-sized unit will run in efficient cycles, maintaining a comfortable temperature while saving energy.

Myth 3: Regular Maintenance isn’t Necessary

Regularly servicing your AC extends its life and helps maintain optimum performance. It’s not only essential to clean your filters periodically but equally important to book a professional maintenance appointment. This measure ensures all components are in prime working condition and reduces the risk of breakdowns. High Performance Heating and Air Conditioning offers comprehensive maintenance schemes for your AC units.

To conclude, it’s always good to verify information before accepting it as a fact. High Performance Heating and Air Conditioning commits to providing appropriate advice and top-notch services in Henrietta, Rochester & Scottsville. So, next time you encounter any issue related to air conditioning repair, AC service, AC installation, or heating installation, remember, we are here to serve you.